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The Hawaii Gourmet Gift Box

Hawaii is home to some of the best food on the planet. From crunchy macadamia nuts and spicy ginger to fragrant pink guava and more bananas than one could ever eat in a lifetime (perfect for making banana bread), it’s easy to spoil yourself rotten with all of its abundance. Nevertheless, for those who aren’t able to jump on the next flight out to indulge in such treats, the Hawaii Gourmet Gift Box is here to help!

Launched just in December, the Hawaii Gourmet Gift box is jam packed with lots of delicious goodies and each item – many baring the “Hawai’i Seal of Quality” proving that they are genuinely grown and/or made right here in Hawaii – is carefully and locally sourced from across each island.

Its founder, Geoff wanted to share the Hawaiian experience with those near and far and knew this would be a great way to do so, “I love food, I love sharing, and I love creating value for people. So, I wanted to offer people the best of Hawaii; something people could be proud to give and receive as a gift.”

And anyone who gives this as a gift should definitely be proud. In it, you’ll find:

With ten items in total, this box is definitely the gift that keeps on giving, and with free domestic shipping, it is a great way to give others a taste of what Hawaii has to offer, “In the end, I wanted people to be completely stoked. To be blown away by each and every item in the box, and to know that they are either giving or receiving genuine quality,” says Geoff.

Each Hawaii Gourmet Gift Box is now discounted by $30, so if you’ve been searching for the perfect gift , this may just be it! In the meantime, you can find me munching down on those Sea Salt Macadamia Nuts. Mahalo!

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