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Summer Cherry Pie

With the abundance of beautiful, ripe, juicy berries that this summer will provide us, it’s only natural to begin thinking of all the ways (besides eating them as is, of course!) that they can be used to make irresistible…

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Biking in Brooklyn

Although I’m not the most athletically-inclined person out there, biking is sort of becoming a new hobby of mine. Not only is it a good form of exercise, it’s also a wonderful mode of transportation in the summer. I…

Brooklyn Friends Out and About

Kayaking on the East River

Every Thursday evening from 5:30pm – 6:45pm and Saturday from 10:00am – 3:00pm, Brooklyn Bridge Park has free kayaking sessions and I finally tried got to try them out! I kayaked once before while in Thailand and it really…

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Life's a Beach

I love the beach! Something about the salty air, the sound of the waves, and the sand at my feet just makes me feel at peace (not to mention that I love working on my tan.) Where are some…