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Tex Drive In

When living on an organic vegetable farm, I definitely got my fair share of healthy food (which I loved!), but every so often, my sweet tooth came a-knocking and nothing answers its call better than donuts, or in this…

Hawaii Latest Post

The Hawaii Gourmet Gift Box

Hawaii is home to some of the best food on the planet. From crunchy macadamia nuts and spicy ginger to fragrant pink guava and more bananas than one could ever eat in a lifetime (perfect for making banana bread),…

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Fresh Off the Grid

Although Hawaii is well known for lots of delicious foods, when I first arrived, shave ice was definitely at the top of my list. A quick Yelp search led me to a food trailer (not to be confused with…

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Moving to Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii! As you can see from the slight tweak in my logo, this born and bred New Yorker has flown west for the winter. I moved here a few months ago and have been living and working…