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Fig and Raspberry Linzer Cookies

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! And hate it or love it, we’re in for a steady barrage of everything heart shaped and pink. I personally don’t care too much for the day as I don’t believe that love or the…

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French Madeleines

Madeleines are the sort of treat that are as delicate and sumptuous as their name suggests. From their beautiful shell shape to their irresistible soft, buttery texture, the recipe I used to recreate these delicacies definitely does not disappoint.…

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Raspberry Rugelach Pinwheels

Although I am not an observer of Hanukkah, on its last day of celebration I bring unto you a dessert of Jewish origin with a twist (pun intended), that I’ve always enjoyed: Raspberry Rugelach Pinwheels. As a child, my…