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Raspberry Oatmeal Bars

Sometimes it’s the unplanned moments in life that can be the most fun, and it was one of those moments that helped to inspire my Raspberry Oatmeal Bars whose recipe I found here that I made the other day.

Fruit bars

Fruit bars

Being that this isn’t necessarily a food blog, I try not to post recipes back-to-back, but these bars turned out so yummy that I couldn’t resist! That day, my twin sis and I decided to get our ice cream fix at Strasburg Country Store & Creamery, a really adorable shop that makes its ice cream and waffle cones onsite (!) The smell when you walk in is intoxicating and the shop in the back is really fun with homemade peanut butters to sample and a display of live honeybees doing what honeybees do best.

I think I was a little nutty to get peanut butter ice cream covered with peanuts

Prior to this, I had been bugging her to go berry picking with me for practically the entire summer, but we never had the opportunity to do so. That is until on the way back home, I noticed a sign near the road that read “Pick Your Own Flowers and Raspberries” and I yelled at her to make a U-turn so that we could finally put an end to my incessant begging.

The farm was right near the road and absolutely scenic with row upon row of flowers and fruits and butterflies flying everywhere. One thing that amazes me is how disconnected from our food sources we are. When we walked amongst the raspberry bushes and the rows of other fruits and veggies growing, I truly had no idea that that was how some of them grew. Not only was stopping at this farm to pick fruit a fun experience, but also most definitely a learning one. It’s so very important that we know how our food is grown and where it comes from and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to receive even a small glimpse into what it takes to make it all happen.

My beautiful twin!

My beautiful twin!

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this recipe and story of our impromptu raspberry/flower picking detour with you guys. With such fresh and sweet ingredients the bars were really easy to make and what could be better than a gooey, crumbly, delicious treat to share? I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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