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Birthday Extravaganza!

The weekend birthday extravaganza began at the 40th Annual Atlantic Antic, a huge street festival that takes over Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn every September. I could think of no place better to start the festivities on such a beautiful fall day. When first arriving, we were instantly hit with the aromas of sweet corn grilling, batter deep frying, and peppers and onions sauteing. We couldn’t decide where to stop first!

IMG_1634Vendors were selling your standard festival fare like jewelry, clothing, artwork, and lots more, but one table that caught my eye was for the Apinya Thai Food Co. that sells premium Thai chili sauces. I got the standard Thai Chili Sauce (super spicy), but the rest I tried were all really delicious including a neat seasonal pumpkin flavor.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetWe also came upon a this beyond cool vintage bus exhibit put together by the Transit Museum. We got to climb aboard the buses of yesteryear and see just how they’ve evolved throughout time.

I really wanted to catch the tail end of the DUMBO Arts Festival, so we decided to cut through one of my favorite places in the entire city, Brooklyn Bridge Park, in order to make it there as quickly as we could.

We stopped to check out this really beautiful carousel that sits right by the water and quickly agreed that going for a ride would be the right thing to do seeing as though we were celebrating a *cough* grownup occasion. I hadn’t been on one of these things in so long, but despite the fact that I was indeed turning a year older, it all felt so fitting because I believe that we all still have a child-like side left in all of us. We picked out our horses, mounted them, and got ready for the ride. In those few minutes I had loads of fun and felt so carefree!

We soon arrived in DUMBO, but came to the realization that we had arrived just a little too late for the Arts Fest (such a bummer!), so we continued on to get our grub on.

Despite not having much more room in my stomach for anything else, no birthday is complete without a little cake! So my best friend bought me a yummy little strawberry cupcake that I somehow managed to squeeze in. The poor thing stood no chance! I am not the biggest fan of frosting, but I made an exception for this joyous occasion.

IMG_4960The only thing that could’ve made this birthday any better would be if my twin sis and rest of my family were also with me, but despite this, this was one of the best birthdays I could’ve asked for. Concerts in the park (with VIP upgrades!!), street festivals with awesome friends, more food than I could handle, a carousel ride, and a happiness in my heart that at times I seem to sometimes forget is there, all in the borough I love most: Brooklyn, duh!!!

But this is only the beginning of great things to come and I am so unbelievably excited for what the future holds. While I am not too sure what that may be, I am ready to take whatever is thrown my way.


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