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Peach Raspberry Tart

During a recent Food 52 Twitter Chat (#F52Chat), one question that was asked was: “Peaches or tomatoes: Which will you miss most?” Reading this question, I rolled my eyes, and said “psshhh, peaches of course!” But to my shock and dismay, tomatoes reigned supreme for reasons I’ll never understand (ever since I was a child, the taste of raw tomatoes has made my stomach turn.)

Nevertheless, I’ll always be a peach devotee and to show my appreciation for this most wondrous of stone fruits, I’ve attempted my very first Peach Tart, a recipe also found on Food 52’s site (go figure).






It’s only September and people are already talking about breaking out their winter gear, but I, on the other hand, want to preserve summer for as long as possible (the last day of summer technically isn’t until September 22nd, so please pack your parkas away, people!!) so I’ve used both peaches and raspberries in this recipe because to me they both represent this quickly fleeting season so well.

It was super easy to put together and I loved how pretty it looked after it was all assembled. I wasn’t too crazy about the taste after the it was complete because I felt as though the freshness of the peaches and raspberries was compromised by the flour/butter combo sprinkled on top, but the others who tasted it told me they really enjoyed it. So I say, if you have some peaches sitting on your kitchen counter or in your fridge waiting to be used, break out the tart pan and make this really simple dessert. Enjoy!


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