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New York Cares Volunteer Orientation

I just got home from the New York Cares volunteer orientation at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, and I’m definitely pumped and ready to do some good! (Who’s with me?!)

Now that I am currently between jobs (in other words, jobless. Yay me!), I definitely want to kick my volunteering efforts up another notch and put my time towards a really good and meaningful cause. There is something so gratifying that comes from helping others (a gratification that just isn’t found sitting at home eating cheesy popcorn all day – even though that isn’t my (whole) day) and I’m so ready to roll up my sleeves and make a change.

In order to sign up for any volunteer projects with New York Cares, you must first attend the one-hour orientation. It’s really not bad at all and it’s simply to give a little history about the organization and what types of services they offer to the community. What was nice to see was that although the group was fairly small, there was a fair amount of diversity in terms of age, gender, and race (gotta love New York for that!) From others who are also between jobs, to people who have extra time to spare, it was inspiring to see that there are so many out there willing make a difference within their communities.

Starting tomorrow morning, I will be eligible to sign up for my first project and I can’t wait to see which one I’ll choose. I’ll definitely keep updating!

If you’d also like to start volunteering with New York Cares, here is the link to sign up for the next upcoming volunteer orientation.

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