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National Ice Cream Day!!

What’s better than National Ice Cream Day?

I’ll give you three guesses.



Time’s up!


Wait, no, I take that back. National Ice Cream MONTH is better and to celebrate such an occasion, The Brooklyn Flea Market held an ice cream day bonanza called the Creme de la Creme and I would’ve been crazy not to have checked it out.

Creme de la CremeIn 1984, July was dubbed National Ice Cream Month by President Ronald Reagan and the 3rd Sunday of the month, National Ice Cream Day. In that year, the dreams of every ice cream addict came true.

Nowadays, in order to stay ahead of the pack within the ice cream industry, one must come up with the most inventive, unique flavors lest they risk falling out of the ice cream stratosphere completely. No longer will traditional flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry be enough to satiate the sugary cravings of the most devoted, and if you do dare take the traditional route, it better be damn good.

At the Creme de la Creme event that wasn’t a problem and I came across flavors I don’t even think I could’ve ever dreamed up! From Burnt Honey to S’Mores flavored, the variety was insane and at times overwhelming. The different vendors that were there included:

• Alchemy Creamery
• Blue Marble Ice Cream
• Butter & Scotch
• Fort Grace
• Hay Rosie
• La Newyorkina
• Monsieur Singh
• Morgenstern’s Finest
• Odd Fellows
• People’s Pops
• Phin & Phebe’s
• Steve’s
• The Good Batch
• Victory Garden

And they each dished out about 50 different flavors of ice cream! When it comes to ice cream, I’d like to believe I’m more of a purist, but I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in it that day.

Earlier in the week, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in the East and West Village (who were not at the Creme de la Creme event), held a Twitter contest to win one of their t-shirts and I won! Right before heading out to the Brooklyn Flea, I received my prize and thought it’d be great to rep them, as an ice cream shop, at an ice cream event. Talk about perfect timing! I received lots of compliments and others asking me if I worked for them and I told them ‘no.’ I haven’t even been to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop! But I think I’ll definitely be taking a visit there real soon.

Rocking my Big Gay Ice Cream Shop top

Rocking my Big Gay Ice Cream Shop top

From the ice cream shops actually at the event, I tried one scoop of Cornbread ice cream and a scoop of the Lime Tarragon from Odd Fellows. They tasted great individually, but together they were magic in my mouth. The cornbread actually tasted like cornbread, which I’m sure isn’t an easy thing to accomplish with ice cream, and the lime tarragon added a nice sour/tart bite to it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Cornbread and Lime Tarragon ice cream

From Fort Grace, despite having wild flavors like Bourbon Fig and Apricot Earl Grey Sorbet, I decided to try a scoop of one of their newest flavors, Caramelized Peach Rosemary Sorbet. To be honest, this was actually the first stop I made while there and I can’t really remember what it tasted like too much. I do recall enjoying it, but if you asked me to describe what its flavors were like, I’d draw a blank. I’m going to guess and say it tasted very ‘peachy’ haha.

Caramelized Peach Rosemary Sorbet and Bourbon Fig (I believe)

One of my favorite stops was at the La Newyorkina booth. They had these adorable mini cones for mini scoops of their ice cream, which were actually perfect because with so many other ice creams to try, you didn’t want to fill up in one spot. My mom and I tried this awesome flavor called ‘Spring Break’, which was passion fruit and tequila sorbet with lemon fluff, and it definitely tasted like its namesake on a cone! The tequila added a wonderful punch and the passion fruit was the perfect accompaniment. The lemon fluff was such a sweet surprise and helped to mellow out the tartness of the other flavors. I would definitely recommend.

Spring Break (passion fruit and tequila sorbet with lemon fluff)

I loved La Newyorkina so much, that with the last bit of my cash, I bought a Passion/Coco Paleta (Mexican ice pop). They were selling them for $4, but because the popsicle sticks were slightly defective on the flavor that I purchased, they knocked a dollar off of the price. I definitely appreciate a company that practices honesty with their customers. I also recognized the founder, Fany Gerson, from an episode of Chopped and it was great to meet her. That makes two Chopped contestants that I’ve met so far 😀

Passion/Coco Paleta

Passion/Coco Paleta

After consuming all of this sugar, I didn’t think I could eat any more, but I did try bites of my sister’s Raw Milk and mom’s Cardamom-lemon from Morgenstern’s Finest, and some of my sister’s Victory Garden Herbal (a mixture of oregano, rosemary, sage, marjarom, thyme, mint, orange blossom, fennel, and cardamom) from Victory Garden, that literally tasted like a garden in my mouth. It really was refreshing and unlike anything I’d ever tried before.

Ice cream collage

Mom, me, and sis enjoying our treats

I really did enjoy trying so many new and unique ice creams and sorbets and while I may have packed in the calories, I also packed in a day’s worth of sugary bliss, which made it all worth it. I definitely can’t wait until next year to try again!


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