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Hope for Future

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have seen me write a few posts about my nephew, whose name is Future. He is 15-years-old and is really a great kid who now more than ever needs a great school to attend.

In order to get him out of the school that he currently attends and into the school that he needs, a he needs to have a Psycho-neurological Evaluation done which costs over $5,000 and we are currently trying to raise funds to cover the costs. A GoFundMe account has been started on his behalf and even if you cannot donate but can help spread the word that would be most appreciated.

Future has had some rough patches in his life, but I know that he wants to make a difference and deserves the opportunity to be given the chance to do so. He needs the right school in which he can flourish not only academically, but also artistically. He has found his niche within the world of art and the school in which he currently attends does not encourage this side of his.

IMG_0984One of the most humbling things is to ask for help from others in times of need. Nevertheless, there are times when one must swallow their pride and reach out to others who may be able to assist them during these trying moments. If you or someone that you know can lend a hand that would definitely be great. Thanks for reading!

This STAR-fish needs a better school!


  • $20: You can receive a handmade ‘Thank You’ card from my nephew
  • $100: You can receive an original poem that he has written
  • $500: A t-shirt with an original design that he has created
  • $1,000: You can receive a professionally framed original drawing from him

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