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My weekend was full of food, flowers, and fun in the sun! I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend my time, especially because we’ve been having some crappy weather lately. New York City is definitely one of the best places to spend the spring and the summer because of number of free and low-cost events taking place and I definitely plan on taking advantage of as many as I can. My bestie and I started at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden hoping to catch the very last of the cherry blossoms, but alas, we was a few days too late! The rain had washed the once vibrantly pink petals to the ground into a gray, slippery mess, but I didn’t let it get me down (especially because we got in for free. Tip: The BBG is free every Tuesday – all day and every Saturday – 10am to 12pm).

The Cherry Esplanade, but sadly no cherry blossoms left :(

The Cherry Esplanade, but sadly no cherry blossoms left 🙁

Prospect Park was our next destination and it proved to be just enjoyable, if not better! Before we went inside, we stopped at the Grand Army Plaza farmers market to munch on some apple cider donuts. We found a nice, comfy spot on the grass to sit at, pulled out the good ol’ backgammon board and challenged one another to a fierce duel (oh yeah, we’re bad like that!) As we’re sitting there just soaking up the rays, a lady with a head full of long curly hair and a hula hoop stopped by and told us she was holding a hula exercise demo and wanted to know if we’d like to join. Now, I’m not one for exercising, but anything involving hula hoops sounds like fun to me.

Just Hula Hoopin

Just Hula Hoopin

The session was so enjoyable and relaxing! The instructor is part of a group called Hula Nation and they aim to get both children and adults fit one hula hoop at a time. We did some stretches and as we brought the hoop towards the sky we inhaled while saying “Life is awesome!” and exhaled while bringing it down saying “yes it is!” It was such a positive vibe and environment and I definitely would try out a full-length class next time around.

The next day, even more activities were taking place around Brooklyn. I started out at the food truck rally at Grand Army Plaza and although I didn’t get anything this time, it was really cool to see all of the different types of food being sold. From Philly cheesesteak sandwiches to slushies, there was definitely something for everyone.


Food trucks! Yum!

I continued to Park Slope to check out the Brooklyn Flea, but it was super small at this location, so I didn’t stay for long. I finally made it to the Fifth Avenue Fair and it was packed with happy fairgoers getting their faces painted or sampling the wide assortment of fried foods available. There were bands playing and carnival games and rides everywhere. I bought myself a candied apple with sprinkles, something I’ve loved eating even when I had a mouth full of braces and some watermelon to try and stay a little healthy. After I had my fill of the fair, I decided to head on home.


IMG_0482It was definitely a great weekend. From the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to the Fifth Avenue Fair, I had such an enjoyable time.

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