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Cutting My Curly Tresses

I got a haircut, y’all! By the way, I never ever use the word “y’all” but it seemed fitting at the moment.

Now, you may be thinking, “A haircut? That’s no big deal!” But when you have a full head of curls that have a mind of their own, trusting a complete stranger with your beloved tresses can be such a difficult thing. This is ultimately one of the reasons as to why I go so long in between cuts.

If you too have curly hair, you know how difficult it can be to find the right style or product or stylist (or hat, or sleeping position, or axial tilt, etc.) to maintain them. Growing up, I don’t even think I really knew or cared that I had really curly hair because I always wore the same hairstyle pretty much every single day: My infamous part down the middle and single braid in the back. At the time I didn’t think too much about this it; it was easy, quick, low-maintenance, and something I’d honestly grown accustomed to. But as I entered the world of high school I wanted a change and soon realized that “the usual” just wasn’t cutting it. Thus began the evolution of my hair.

Ever since then, I’ve been trying to find out how my hair works and for the longest I just plopped product after product on top of it believing that this was the best way to maintain it. With loads of gel and mousse, I ultimately achieved what’s known as “ramen noodle” curls: crunchy and hard to the touch and definitely not the most attractive thing.

Thankfully, I discovered this wonderful, amazing, helpful website,, designed for people with hair like mine! I was able to learn so much about different (and often oddly named) techniques for curly hair like “plopping“, “pineappling“, “co-washing“, or “pre-pooing” and that there were actually salons designed just for people with curly hair! Large stores like Target also began stocking natural products (my absolute favorite being Kinky Curly Knot Today) just for people who have curly hair or natural hair or hair in the process of transitioning from relaxed to natural and oh, I felt like a kid in a candy store!

Naturally Curly

Now, I was ready for a big change and decided to go for a big chop. I wanted to have a cute curly bob, but I just couldn’t find the right stylist to do it. That is until I found Elma at HeadChop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn who finally gave me what I was looking for! She was attentive and helped make the experience fun and enjoyable. I’ve been to salons in the past where the stylist wouldn’t listen to what it was that I wanted and I ultimately ended up walking out with a nice haircut, but just not what I envisioned.

Walking into HeadChop was like walking into someone’s cozy basement salon. The the atmosphere was relaxed and unpretentious and there was an adorable, friendly dog named Rudy walking amongst your feet. When she first began cutting, I was just the slightest bit nervous because not everyone knows how to handle these locks, but once the conversation turned to The Hunger Games and the latest slang terms, I began to feel at ease. It was an extremely pleasant experience and so much more reasonably priced than other New York City salons and I’ll definitely be sure to return.

Awaiting the results!

Awaiting the results!

I am now ready to conquer the world with 6 inches less of hair and I love it! If you have been wanting to make a change but have been feeling hesitant, just go for it. You never know until you try!

Before & After

Before & After


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