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Afropunk Fest 2014

Good vibes and positive energy (which could’ve definitely been attributed to the illegal substances *hint hint* I noticed being passed around) were readily abundant during yesterday’s Afropunk Festival at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn. I’d heard about this festival…

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Biking in Brooklyn

Although I’m not the most athletically-inclined person out there, biking is sort of becoming a new hobby of mine. Not only is it a good form of exercise, it’s also a wonderful mode of transportation in the summer. I…

Brooklyn Friends Out and About

Kayaking on the East River

Every Thursday evening from 5:30pm – 6:45pm and Saturday from 10:00am – 3:00pm, Brooklyn Bridge Park has free kayaking sessions and I finally tried got to try them out! I kayaked once before while in Thailand and it really…

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Never Can Say Goodbye

Yesterday marked the 5th year anniversary of the day one of my favorite people left this world: Michael Jackson. Despite not knowing him personally, and unfortunately not being one of the lucky ones to have met him in person,…

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A Day Spent Away From it All

Today was one of those seemingly perfect days that seriously just make you grateful for the little things in life: I finally made it to one of my favorite places ever in the city, Governor’s Island! This place is…