Born and Bred in Brooklyn Turns One!

So today is officially one year since I began blogging here at Born and Bred in Brooklyn, and I honestly can’t believe how quickly time has flown!

Looking back, I remember being slightly apprehensive about starting this journey. I honestly didn’t know where to begin or what my blog would truly be about, but I decided to just go with the flow and hope that with time and more experience I’d figure it all out. Although I definitely can’t quite say I’ve got this whole blogging thing down, I am really proud of where I am today.

Things I’ve loved this past year are:

  • Connecting with so many amazing bloggers who continuously inspire me everyday.
  • Discovering that there is no better place to spend a Friday than partying it up with Angie (The Novice Gardener) and so many others at Fiesta Friday and just seeing how much its grown in such a short amount of time.
  • Being able to work on my skills as a photographer, and although I’ve got a long way to go, I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made.
  • Trying new recipes and succeeding, because believe me there are loads of mishaps that never make it here!
  • Seeing that visitors from all over the world have stopped by my humble blog and read what I’ve written; that truly means so much, so thank you!!

Of course there were moments when I wondered if I wanted to keep on doing this because it really is more difficult than I ever could’ve imagined. From planning posts, to shopping for ingredients, to cooking, and finally photographing and editing, blogging can be like a full-time job (and more power to those whose job it actually is!), but I truly wouldn’t change any of it.

So I invite you to please celebrate this day with me (and bring your friends, too!) because I’ve only just begun and am so excited for where this road will take me.


  • Ginger

    Congratulations!! And to many more years of blogging!

  • Loretta

    Congratulations, you’ve echoed all my thoughts for sure – I celebrated one year in March too, and those were some of my exact sentiments. It’s been wonderful meeting you via the blogging world. Like I’ve said before, both my girls live in Brooklyn and that’s a bond there right away :). I don’t believe I’ve seen you around lately on FF? Although I too have been missing in action for a few weeks. We’re hoping to visit our girls in the next couple of weeks and this time perhaps stay in a hotel around the Williamsburg area where one of them lives. Anyway, bravo for the blogiversary and we hope to see many many more creations 🙂

    • This is so sweet of you to say, Loretta, thank you so much! I really have enjoyed meeting you as well and I only look forward to where our friendship goes from here 😀 I hope that you enjoy your visit to Brooklyn, it really is so much fun in the summer. Take lots of pics! And yes, I’ve been missing from Fiesta Friday…life kinda got in the way haha. But I’ll be back this week. Hope to see you there!!

  • Trudy

    Congratulations! I can only hope to make a year as successfully! And I am definitely more knowledgeable than I started. So you should be proud of yourself!

  • Congrats! I love your positive assessment and agree with you whole-heartedly.

    • bornandbredinbrooklyn

      Thank you!!


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