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A Memorial Day to Remember

Yesterday was such a good day! For Memorial Day, my family and I decided to have the first barbecue of the year.

Now, growing up in New York City without access to a backyard, although quite the norm, poses a slight problem when it comes to events such as barbecues. Everyone, especially during special occasions, also wants to break out the grill and spend some time out in the park. Nevertheless, as the number of people in New York City increases, so does the demand for prime BBQ-ing spots, and getting said prime location can sometimes feel like something out of The Hunger Games; literally, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

I wanted to try someplace new and have it at the Brooklyn Bridge Park because grills are provided and it’s right near the water. Piers 2 also just opened and it has basketball, handball, bocce (I don’t even know what this is, but sounds awesome!), and shuffleboard courts that I thought would be fun to try out. My brother headed out early (or what seemed early at the time) only to discover that all of the grills and tables were already taken! Not a huge shocker, but come on!

However, hope was not lost and we decided to head on over to trusty Prospect Park. After securing a spot under a shady tree, we set up shop, and had an awesome time. The weather was perfect (no rain yay!), the food was yummy, music was playing (Michael Jackson, of course), and many games like badminton, Frisbee, Uno, and Phase 10 were played.

View From the Grill

View From the Grill

Despite the few bumps in the road and lessons learned (next time it’ll have to be a 5am start haha) a great time was to be had by all. Food, friends, family, and fun all came together to make a Memorial Day worth remembering.

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