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A Day Spent Away From it All

Today was one of those seemingly perfect days that seriously just make you grateful for the little things in life: I finally made it to one of my favorite places ever in the city, Governor’s Island!

This place is definitely an oasis from the crazy hustle and bustle of New York City; the beautiful views and its close proximity to the city make it such an enjoyable place to visit for the day.

Every weekday from 10am to 12pm, you’re able to rent a bike free of charge for one hour (how cool is that??) and I was so glad that we made it in time! We got to take a quick spin around the island and see how it’s changed since my last visit and enjoy the refreshing breezes off of the water before settling down and chilling out.



Being that Governors Island was once a military base, there are loads of beautiful once-inhabited homes, which although prohibited to enter, can still be used to hang out and relax in front of. That was truly the best part of the day for me. Having had lived in an apartments for my entire life, one of the things I’ve always wanted was to live in a house with a porch and backyard so that I could have parties or barbeques and invited friends and family over.

It really was so fun to pretend for just a few hours that this house we were sitting in front of actually belonged to me and imagine what I’d do if it were. We talked, played games, and just enjoyed the wonderful weather underneath the shade of the glorious trees.

So many changes are happening, and have happened, on this island and I really am excited to see what’s in store for the future. It is now open 7 days a week (with a $2 round trip fee) until September 28th. I say definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

As soon as we got off of the boat and were once again in Manhattan, I was snapped back into reality and into the madness that is rush hour:

  • Foreigners asking for assistance with the MetroCard machines.
  • Weird people trying to sell same unknowing tourists MetroCard swipes from cards I’m pretty sure they’ve acquired for purposes other than this (and being pretty aggressive about it. Back off dude, we don’t want what you’re selling!)
  • One impatient New Yorker pushing his way to the front of the MetroCard machine as myself and said tourists are trying to buy their cards (how rude!)
  • Tourists pulling out HUGE wads of cash to pay for $5 fare (don’t they know where they are??!).
  • Tourists swiping MetroCard incorrectly (holding the card both backwards and upside down. Yeah…).
  • Finally settling the matter and getting on the correct train.

Phew! Yup, I definitely knew I was back in the city. Although I love it here, I can’t wait to go back to the tranquility that is Governors Island.

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